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    On Sunday 23/08/2020 at 7:40 I went to collect my money from this betting shop and it was only a few 100 pounds.the women who was behind the counter said 10 minutes.when I asked her why is it 10 minutes she replied to me I don’t have to tell you the reason. After 20 minutes I did ask her an again now it’s been 20 minutes but u said only10 minutes. She said I don’t care u have to wait or come back in another day. Finally after half an hour she paid my money And even did not apologize. I really disappointed the way she replied to me. I been betting 10 years and I been betting 5 years on this shop never ever had a problem with staff. In last 10 years my betting history I never faced a rude person like her Am not going back to this place anymore.

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